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Dr. Biyayaibe N. S. Bamba.

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Tuesday, January 1st 2013

9:09 PM (2574 days, 10h, 57min ago)

Blog Forum/Chat Rules!

Please follow the basic chats Rules.

Do not use foul language of any kind while using any of these chat rooms;be respectful and courteous with others,and do not conduct any unlawfull activities while in here.Be respectfull of others' rights of reasonable freedom of opinion and expression. If someone is bothering you,or your friends,you may either report them electronically, and/or virtually ignore them.Be nice to report any technical problems to us.Multiple names or pseudonyms are not forbidden in the forum.It often calls for litterary creativities in us.

Thanks for your cooperation,understanding and have fun.

Dr. Bamba.

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