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Dr. Biyayaibe N. S. Bamba.

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Monday, June 24th 2013

2:38 PM (2958 days, 9h, 45min ago)

The International Fund for The Exposure and Protection of Proboscis Monkey(IFEPPM)is born!

The International Fund for The Exposure and Protection of Proboscis Monkey(IFEPPM) is a subsidiary of the Mandingo Academy, Inc(The Mahou Academy,Inc.)some objectives of which are substantial Exposure of Proboscis Monkey and other white skinned primates across the world to show in the face of the world that not just Blacks look like primates(monkeys). That us Blacks, are not those who would be, as some racists of other continents would think, at the intermediaries of monkeys and the "evolved" human who is almost always shown in "evolutionists' diagrams as being caucasians(White of Europe and elsewhere). The Fund was created on June 20,2013.
See this diagram for instance:

Image result for evolution of man
As a matter of fact, the Fund is a defensive, solutional and general educational unit a goal of which is mutual respect between the races of the world.Black, White and Yellow peoples and the respective children must know and be convinced of the fact that all of the races are equally biologically evolved, and that therefore, the different inventions, creations and solutions of all these races are fully human emanations conducive to be equally respected. Therefore, a connection of the Fund to the Mahou Academy, Inc(Mandingo Academy,Inc.) the link of which is found below:
If it was not yet done, please discover the Proboscis Monkey and other white and yellow skinned monkeys throughout the world through these internet links:


























I am in an intellectual dynamic of merciless combat against what I call "The Monkey Conspiracy"!!! And I have the Intellectual, moral capabilities if conscious peoples would provide me with the logistical and material means.
Here are the main directions the institution intends to take and function if it has the means:

1. To documents most of the Monkey related attacks against Blacks across the world to show the broader picture of the "Monkey Conspiracy" and, thereby to show that this struggle is necessary so as humanity could reconcile with itself for peace, concord, harmony and universal fraternity.

2. To create well adapted floras and/or environments to the places of existence/life of Proboscis Monkey and other white skinned monkeys around the world to allow that they could live in Zoos around the world to the extent doable. Some have informed us that Proboscis Monkey can not live under all climates?! This is to be verified....Peoples around the world should attempt the experiment to make this primate live on their appropriate terrains conducive to their well being/growth...
Their eventual presence in Zoos could educate everybody on the resemblance of all races of the planet to monkeys. And therefore,this would decrease/lower those racist attacks relative to the "Monkey Conspiracy". To finance and make donations to world organizations which already work for the protections of these animals in danger of disappearing/extinction.

3. African movie makers must make sure that most of their influential films contain image(s)of Proboscis Monkey and/or other white monkeys until new further order.

4. Argument based on the Absurd; if/when someone throws a banana at you,take it and throw it at him/her without saying anything to him/her.(subtile interpretation: you will probably need it).
5. Politicians/african leaders must begin to react one way or another to counter this racism of first class.

6. Black fans on Soccer game fields and other persons of good will across the world must act to significantly decrease the zeals of racist "attackers". Proboscis Monkey voices/sounds could be recorded on high speakers in counter attacks in subtile, creative and intelligent ways against all offensive attacks. Stay only on the defensive PLEASE!!!One must never go on the offensive!!! This procedure is important for the fact that it could serve a purpose of global campaign against the "Monkey Conspiracy".

7. To call on leaders to render their endangered species' protection laws more draconian, particularly when it comes to Proboscis Monkeys and other white skinned monkeys. Being that crocodiles are their main reason for extinction in Indonesia for instance, find creative ways/technics to catch and transfer those crocs in other waters where these primates usually don't venture. Other general methods of protections will be proposed.

8. Since I note a "racist" dimension in certain diagrams relative to the evolution theory(which I don't believe in), it is time to work to update these diagrams which have tendencies in falsely making believe the racists of this world that we Blacks were at an intermediary stage between evolved man and the evolved monkey up to a stage
closer to the evolved man.

See one of the Diagrams below:
Image result for evolution of man

On this Diagram inspired by some western "Evolutionists", the "evolved" man is almost always White and never Black. Panafricanist Evolutionists must change this diagram this way; on a Panafricanist diagram regarding the alleged "evolution", "evolved man" must be both Black, White and others. A Panafricanist can derive from all races. To be convinced of same, please visit Dr. Bamba's Facebook Page and discover some of his Whites/Mulatos friends:


9.To divulge this message and other similar texts written with restraint everywhere on discussion Forums and Chat rooms across the world to show that we are ready to ridicule/infantilize those racists on stadiums around the World. The struggle against the "Monkey Conspiracy" is a dimension of Conservative Panafricanism.
To read more information on 10 Commandments of Conservative Panafricanism, visit the link of the present Blog here(text is translated in French):

10. The encouragement of the creation of Exposure and Protection Funds of Proboscis Monkey and white skinned primates around the World.

11. The construction of appropriate internet web sites for vulgarization of Proboscis Monkey and other white skinned monkeys around the planet. The idea of virtual Zoo for Proboscis Monkey and other white skinned monkeys is to be considered to the extent feasible...

12. The introduction/presentation of all those monkeys in appropriate school manuals from Kindergarten to University to inform/enlighten our children/little brothers and sisters.
The organizing of various work shops and lectures.
This Fund will necessarily need substantial financing to well conduct the activities that it has assigned itself.

Here are a number of past sensibilizations of Dr. Bamba, h.c. with a view to sensetizing the african and international community of the existence of these white skinned primate resembling the White race and others with a view to combating the "Monkey Conspiracy" which has several dreadly dimentions.
When certain Turkish football fans have treated Mr. Didier Drogba as "Monkey" in 2013, I have reacted on my Blog on the following link:
I have even written to Mr. Drogba.

I have also reacted following the "Congolese Guenon"(monkey) related attack against the first black women Italian Minister in the Italian Government, Prof. Cecile Kyenge Kashetu; following is the link where I reacted along prior similar ideas on my Blog:
I have also written to Prof. Kyenge to raise to her my response for possible inspirations.
During preceding years, I have reacted to several other monkey related attacks against some Black soccer players on world stadiums.

Today, I have decided to raise the speed around this struggle by creating this Fund within the Mahou Academy, Inc. in order to make sound off and present the white skinned monkey to the entire planet. But let's ONLY stay in the defensive with those monkey related attacks' responses. Conservative Panafricanism is not racism!!! Let's never go on the offensive!!! NEVER EVER!!!
To contribute to this fund, please contact Dr. Bamba(S.C.), h.c.

Dr. Biyayaibe N. Bamba, h.c., Creator/Inventor.
Cell 1( 646)427-0847
Dr. Bamba's Blog:

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